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San Diego County Tax Planning and Certified Tax Coach

Irving Tax & Financial, based in San Marcos, CA endeavors to provide our clients with the very best professional services possible. We are San Diego County's experts in income tax planning and preparation, whether it be for an individual, corporation, fiduciary or partnership.  We guarantee results.  Our tax planning service starts with a proactive look at all your income and expenses.  Our goal is to ferret out every legal deduction, credit, loophole, and strategy available, before we file your return.  This website was designed to enhance those services by providing online answers to many of your everyday financial dealings and frequently asked questions.

Our Tax Services
Sometimes, just filing your return isn't enough.  Sometimes, you need a plan to pay the least you legally can.  We offer a Free Tax Consultation to help you accomplish your goals, no "red flags", no "gray areas", no "aggressive moves".  Everything is court tested and IRS approved.

Learn more about this firm: its history, philosophy and personnel. Visit this page to learn about the diverse and beneficial services available from our firm. 

Our Financial Planning Services
We offer complete financial services.  If you have a question about Financial Planning, 401k Rollovers, Annuities, IRA's or Money Management, please visit our financial services website at www.irvingfinancial.com

Let us simplify your life! Need a copy of your tax return? Get it fast by accessing your documents anytime with our password secure lockbox.

Smart Decisions
Timely articles about business, taxes, finances, trends and the like. Dedicated to keeping our clients abreast of the latest developments and tax-saving strategies.

Client Newsletters
This section provides you with our current newsletter articles, as well as an archive collection that you may find useful and informative.

Client Brochures, Tax Planning Guides and much more...
Whether you're retiring, planning for a child’s education, buying or selling a home, buying or leasing a car, looking for the best credit card rates or mortgage rates, you'll find the answers here. Take a few moments to browse through the different sections and utilize the Internet links and calculators provided. They are categorized to help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.

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Our Goal for You:
"We help you stop wasting money on taxes you don't have to pay.  We do it in plain English, without intimidating spreadsheets or IRS gobbledygook.  We tell you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  It's all court-tested and IRS-approved.  We'll even show you where the law says you can do it!  You can use the savings for your retirement, your kids' college education, or even that dream vacation you've always wanted"
Our Goal for You:

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